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At Oh Snap Photo Camper, we know that a photo booth is only valuable if guests USE it. Luckily, we are experts at that over here and today we are sharing our top tips for making sure that your photo booth does what it’s supposed to – create memorable experiences and capture the photos to prove it!

A photo booth is not a last minute upsell for us, we specialize in creating amazing Oh Snap Experiences!

1. Your photo booth is attractive

Nobody puts baby in a corner, right? So stop putting your photo booth there! Most photo booths you look at online can look like an eye sore. You don’t want your photo booth clashing with your beautiful wedding decor – so if you book an ugly photo booth, it ends up getting shoved in a corner… But if your photo booth LOOKS unattractive, less of your guests will actually use it. You want it to flow seamlessly with your event. That’s why both of our photo booths are decorated in neutrals – you can dress them up as much as you want, but even if you don’t want any additional decor, they look good.

Solution: Stop using the photo booth your DJ tried to include in your upgraded package. When you hire a photo booth company that ONLY offers photo booths – you can trust that we know what we are doing.

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2. Your photo booth is well run

We know that sometimes when you are planning a wedding – it is tempting to DIY a little too much. And when you can order DIY photo booth props off etsy, it actually looks simple. But there is a REASON that we include a photo booth attendant in every one of our packages. Your guest don’t want to waste anytime figuring out how the photo booth or camera works. And you don’t want to enlist a friend or family to run it for you. If there is nobody running the booth or helping guests use it, it either doesn’t get used at all OR someone ends up helping the entire night feeling obligated. We know that’s not the vibe you are going for.

Often at events we attend, our photo booths create a small line up! Don’t worry, we keep the line moving. And we keep it FUN. You definitely need a way to keep your guests engaged so your photo booth gets used and DIY is NOT the solution. Our attendants can help with that.

3. Make sure the photos look good and come out fast

Nobody likes a bad photo. Our photo booths feature DSLR cameras that capture professional high-quality images. Your guests don’t have to wait long either! Our premium printer prints their photo strip almost instantly – 9 seconds to be exact! This helps keep the excitement high and the lines short. We have a few photo strip templates or you can create something custom for your event. We know your guests are going to want to show off their photos to other guests – which helps us keep the photo booth party hopping!

We like to use the best of the best equipment and we also are constantly upgrading and adding to our prop collection. You can also choose from a selection of backdrops and added decor that makes the photo booth look like it was created for your event.



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